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Plantation Base

In order to ensure the quality of the raw materials, Newmstar has built a number of GAP planting bases and reserved plenty botanic breeds, which enabled the factory to welly control the products’ quality. Newmstar has nearly 5,000 acres planting bases for green tea, sapindus, stevia, cranberry, grape and eucommia planting etc. The planting base distributes in : Hunan province (Huaihua City, Yongzhou city, Changsha city and Xiangxi autonomous prefecture), Hubei province(Jingzhou City), Yunnan province (Yuanmou City) etc. These planting bases are capable of supplying natural, low pesticide -residue raw materials to workshops and achieve the requirements of various country’s quality standards. Standardized GAP planting bases guard the supply chain of raw materials, product quality and environmental sustainability.