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Agaricus Blazei Extract

  • Agaricus subrufescens

  • Fruting body

  • Brown Yellow powder

  • TLC/UV



Agaricus blazei fruit body is sturdy, the cap is 5-11 cm in diameter, hemispherical at first, gradually becomes steamed bread-shaped and finally flat, the top center is flat, the surface has light brown to maroon fibrous scales, and the cap margin has fragments of the fungus curtain. The flesh in the center of the cap is 11 mm thick, and the flesh on the edge is thin, white, and turns orange-yellow after injury. The gills are free, dense, 8-10 mm wide, turning flesh-colored from white to dark brown. The stipe is cylindrical, solid, 4-14 cm long, 1-3 cm in diameter, equally thick up and down or swollen at the base, the surface is

nearly white, and becomes nearly yellow when touched by hand. Above the bacterial ring, there are initially powdery to flake-like
small scales, which then fall off into smooth and hollow. The fungal ring is large, upper, membranous, initially white, later slightly brown, with brown flake-like appendages under the membrane. Spores broadly elliptic to ovate, without bud holes. The hyphae have no lock-like association.

Function :

Domestic and foreign studies have shown that a variety of active polysaccharides contained in Agaricus Blazei Antler extract can improve immunity, inhibit tumor, and enhance the production capacity of lymphot cells, helper T cells, interferon and interleukin, so as to improve human immunity. Enhance bone marrow hematopoietic function, increase efficiency and reduce toxicity. Mr. Okamoto Okamoto, president of the Japan Institute of International Health Sciences, called agematake "the last food for cancer patients on Earth."


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