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Agropyron Reoens Extract

  • Agropyron Reoens L

  • Yellow Brown Powder

  • 4:1; 5:1; 10:1

  • Whole Plant

  • TLC



Wheatgrass (scientific name Elytrigr Elytrigria repens (L.) Desr), also known as fast-growing grass, creeping ice grass. A perennial herbaceous plant of the genus Rhizoma genus of the Poaceae family excellent pasture.Widely distributed in temperate regions of Asia, Europe and America, it is distributed in the north and south of Tians Mountains in Xinjang, northeast meadow steppe and eastern Xilingol in Inner Mongolia in China.


AFeeding value: The grass grows luxuriantly and has abundant leaves. The stems and leaves at heading stage contain crude protein 13.4%, crude fat 2.9%, crude fiber 29%, nitrogen-free extract 456% crude ash 9.1%. The grass is soft and suitable for mowing and preparing hay or grazing. The wheat grass in the second year of cultivation in Xinjiang, China, can produce 150-200 kg of hay per 667 square meters, and the ratio of stem, leaf and ear at maturity is 1:1.9:0.3. Rich in nutrition and good palatability, it is liked by horses, cattle and sheep, and cattle like it the most. Before heading, the grass is fresh and tender, contains less cellulose and has a sweet taste, and livestock prefer to eat it. It is suitable for mowing and preparing hay, and the leaves are not easy to fall off. In winter, the stems and leaves of hay are well preserved, and are also popular for various livestock. Regenerated grass can be used for grazing. It has high protein content and high nutritional value before fruiting, and can be made into hay for supplementary feeding in the cold season.


1. Applied in the feed field
2. Applied in the health product field
3. Applied in the pharmaceutical field

4. Agropyron Reoens Extract

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