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Buck Wheat Extract

  • ISO, HACCP, Kosher


  • Tablet, Capsule

  • Food, Health Care Products, Medicine

  • Powder

  • Seed


Buck Wheat is a rare drug and food used in nature. It is bitter--the seven nutrients are all in one, not medicine, not health care products, food that can be eaten as food.

Because of its special growth environment, it is rich in selenium itself, which can naturally supplement selenium to the human body. It has excellent nutritional health value and extraordinary therapeutic effect.

Tartary buckwheat is the bitter buckwheat, and the content of bioflavonoids is 13.5 times that of buckwheat.

Buck Wheat is known as the "king of the grain", three foods (lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat). Bitter has unique, comprehensive and rich nutrients, and has good medicinal properties. It has many nutrients necessary for the human body.

Buck Wheat has the effect of detoxification, which is also called "net intestine" by the people. Bitter can also be made into tea after frying, and daily drinking has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on patients with three highs.


1. it is can regulate blood lipid, blood pressure, fall blood sugar function.

2. it is can prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

3. it is can prevent brain aging, antibacterial sterilization, used as anti-cancer agents.
4. it is can protect the gastric mucosa, repair brain damage, antidepressant.
5. it is can promote insulin secretion; improve the affinity of insulin receptor. For aldose reductase buckwheat extract has inhibitory effect, also the treatment of type diabetic cataract.
6. it is can on cerebral ischemia and ischemic renal injury has a protective effect.
Buck Wheat Extract

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