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Fenugreek Seed Extract

  • ISO, HACCP, Kosher,Halal

  • HPLC, UV, Tlc

  • Tablet, Capsule

  • Food, Health Care Products, Medicine

  • Powder

  • Seed

  • Trigonella foenum-graecum

  • Seed

  • Trigonella foenum-graecum


  Product information:

Product Name: Fenugreek Seed Extract
Latin Name: Trigonella foenum-graecum
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Part Used: Seed
Specofocation: 20% Protodioscin
Test Method: HPLC
Odor& Taste: Characteristic

Anti-ulcer effect, nourishes kidney and yang, lowers blood fat
1.Fenugreek seeds have anti-ulcer effects. Studies have shown that the water extract of fenugreek seeds and the gel part separated from the seeds have obvious anti-gastric ulcer activity. This effect is not only due to its inhibitory effect on gastric acid secretion, but also has a certain effect on gastric mucosal glycoprotein. The water extract of fenugreek seeds prevents alcohol-induced lipid peroxidation by improving the antioxidant capacity of the gastric mucosa, thereby reducing mucosal damage.
2.Studies have shown that the material basis of fenugreek's tonifying kidney and yang effect is the high content of zinc and manganese in the seeds. According to research, the content of zinc and manganese in kidney-tonifying Chinese medicine is relatively high. If the body lacks zinc and manganese, it will lead to low endocrine function and gland atrophy, lower endocrine hormones, slow growth, gonadal degeneration, and sexual dysfunction. Fenugreek seed extract can reduce serum urea nitrogen and creatinine levels in rats with renal failure. The clinical use of fenugreek decoction is effective in treating chronic renal failure. Therefore, fenugreek seeds have the effect of nourishing kidney and strengthening yang.
3.At the same time, the steroidal saponins contained in the fenugreek seed extract have diuretic and anti-inflammatory activities. Long-term use of fenugreek gum (mixed with various foods) has a better weight loss function for obesity. The methanol extract of the defatted part of fenugreek seeds can significantly reduce normal serum cholesterol levels. Its total extract also has a lowering effect on serum total cholesterol of diabetic hyperlipidemia. The trigonelline contained in fenugreek seeds can reduce the content of total cholesterol and free cholesterol in plasma.

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