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Bearberry Leaf Extract

  • Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

  • White powder

  • Alpha-arbutin 10-98%

  • Leaf

  • HPLC



Arbutin,since it comes from a leaf called Ursa leaf. In fact, traces of arbutin can also be found in some fruits, such as western pear, small sorbet and other high-latitude plants.

Arbutin has the same whitening effect as kojic acid, both by inhibiting the action of tyrosine enzyme to destroy the formation of melanin pigment.

Hydroquinone can be produced after hydrolysis, which has high sun protection ability and strong light spot effect. Natural arbutin is extracted from leaves.

Arbutin can quickly penetrate into the skin, effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin and block the formation of melanin without affecting the proliferation concentration of skin cells.

Through its combination with tyrosinase, it accelerates the decomposition and excretion of melanin, thereby reducing skin pigmentation and removing freckles and freckles.

It does not produce toxic, irritating, sensitizing and other side effects on melanocytes, but also has the effects of skin moisturizing, guaixing, bactericidal and synergistic anti-inflammatory. It is one of the most popular whitening materials abroad


1.Alpha Arbutin  will relieve and dispell chloasma, melanin, acne ect;
2.Alpha Arbutin  has good effects of sterilization and relieving cough;
3.Alpha Arbutin  used to alleviate pain of burn and scald,enhancing immune fuction;
4.Alpha Arbutin  can promote skin elasticity, retaining skin moisture and slowing down aging skin;
5.Alpha Arbutin  with the function of restraining the activity of tyrosinase; preventing the formation of melanin.

1.Applied in cosmetic field, beta arbutin is mainly used in facial masks and esssence to whiten, eliminate wrinkles and dispelling spot;
2.Applied in phamaceutical field, beta arbutin is usually made into capsule to enhance organism immunity,sterilization and relieve cough.


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