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Bird Nest Extract

  • Nidus Collocaliae

  • White fine powder

  • 10%-98% Sialic acid

  • bird's nest

  • HPLC



Sialic acid also known as N-acetylneuraminic acid, abbreviated to SA, Neu5Ac or NANA.

Added into infant milk powder can increase babys' intelligence , memory , enhance the

immune ability. sialic acid as raw material can be used in the development of important

drugs, which have very good effects on anti-influenza, treatment of senile dementia,

promote intestinal absorption of vitamin and mineral, anti-tumor , anti-inflammation.

Moreover, sialic acid can also be used as raw material of health care products etc.


1.The bird's nest acid can promote memory and intellectual development, the interaction of sialic acid with brain cell membranes and synapses, improve the reaction rate of synaptic nerve cells in the brain, so as to promote the memory and intellectual development.

2. Improve the physical phenomenon of intestinal absorption ability according to simple opposites attract, into the intestine electro positive part with the mineral and vitamin easily with electro negative acid strong bird's nest with, then the intestinal absorptive function of vitamins and minerals in enhancing.

3. Promote intestinal antimicrobial sialic acid detoxification cell membrane protein on thecell recognition, to improve the ability of cholera toxin detoxification, prevention of pathological Escherichia coli infection, regulation of blood protein half-life with a key role.

4. Improve the immunity of the bird's nest acid can enhance the immunity of the human body, especially in children.

5.prolong life sialic acid has protective and stabilizing effect on cells, sialic acid deficiency can result in life and reduce blood in the process of metabolism.


1. As pharmaceutical raw materials for memory impaired cognitive function and emotional behavior;
2. As the raw material of product for Improving memory, thinking;
3. Can be used in food industry /  Dietary supplements


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